Starter kit CANopen

for absolute encoder WDGA


1 x USB-Bus, 1 x CAN 2.0

Baud rate setting

up to 1 Mbit/s

Supply voltage

via USB interface

CAN specifications

2.0A (11-Bit-ID) und 2.0B (29-Bit-ID)

Project development

  • PCAN-View CAN-Monitor for Windows® Vista / XP / 2000
  • Device-Driver and Interface-DLL for Windows® Vista / XP / 2000
    (Software included in the delivery)

Connection CANbus

  • via Sub-D, 9-pin (to CiA DS102-1)
  • on connector, 5-pin CB5
  • with connection adapter KAAPEAK000


flexible use

Scope of delivery:

2x T-junction (CTA-21-67-01)
1x Termination resistor 120 Ohm, connector (CEW-120-67-S)
1x Termination resistor 120 Ohm, female connector, CEW-120-67-B)
1x Stub with 1 m cable (CVKA-5-67)
1x PEAK CAN-USB-Analyzer with connection adapter (CANUSBANALYZER)

Order number(s)
Starter kit
All dimensional specifications in mm
Z CANUSBANALYZER encoder absoute canopen

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