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Encoders WDGI Drehgeber
WDGI encoder - the new incremental industry standard
WDGP encoder - Any number of pulses available up to 16,384 ppr
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The right technology for every application

With the large selection of pulse numbers, output circuits, connector and cable varieties, protection classes and temperature ranges, you will find precisely the right incremental encoder from our extensive range.

  • TTL, HTL, sin/cos
  • High-performance LED or precise magnetic technology
  • High shaft load up to 500 N
  • Preventive maintenance with early warning output
  • Copes with tough industry and automotive conditions

Encoders WDGI

the new incremental industry standard

Wachendorff Automation has completely revised the incremental encoders of the WDG series, which are based on the 58 mm design size industry standard.

This can only mean one thing: WDG has become WDGI.