Robert Wachendorff - Frau Strobl Kinderschutzbund

Robert Wachendorff (Managing Director of the Wachendorff Group) with Mrs. Strobl (Head of the Group Pupil Aid in Geisenheim and overall pedagogical management) in an online exchange about future projects.

Support of the Kinderschutzbund (child protection association) Rheingau by Wachendorff

We, the Wachendorff Group, have been involved in many social projects in our beautiful region and surrounding area. We have also supported social projects in 2020. The past year was a particularly difficult one for all companies and institutions, with many challenges. Donations and support from outside, especially for social institutions, were very important. In 2020, we were able to donate € 1,000 to the Kinderschutzbund (child protection association) Rheingau and thus support the association. We are very happy that we as a company have the opportunity to help the Kinderschutzbund (child protection association) in Rheingau and to make many things possible.

The Kinderschutzbund (child protection association) creates a safe environment for children with social and individual disadvantages. The aim here is to compensate for these disadvantages and to provide long-term support for the children, even after they have left school. Short-term admission to the group is also possible, if, for example, there is an illness or separation of the parents. In the first case, the aim is to help the child to successfully complete his or her education. Short-term assistance is about coping with family crises. Often, however, both are mixed. In principle, this offer is open to all who are affected by it.

The Kinderschutzbund (child protection association) offers reliable partners for children and parents. The help is unlimited until the child finishes school. A team of volunteers can help with many problems. From parent counseling to teacher talks, to homework help, from accompanying children to doctor's visits and helping them with applications. The most important part of the work, however, is the provision of a protected in which the children and young people can play together without pressure, learn, eat, talk and be creative, learn, eat, talk and be creative. The members of the Kinderschutzbund (child protection association) work on this goal every day.

Due to the Corona pandemic, it is unfortunately not possible for the staff of the Kinderschutzbund (child protection association) Rheingau to look after the children's group as usual. Donations have made it possible to take measures such as dividing the group into small groups and extending the hours of care. This prevents contacts and overlapping of care times during the Corona pandemic are prevented.

Door-to-door visits, regular phone calls, counseling and the individual support of the children are the order of the day here. Also online the association would like to offer this, in order to meet the exact needs of the children and young people and thus to be able to guarantee an optimal promotion.

The work is subsidized by the district, but the money does not cover the costs. Expenses for food, handicraft supplies, games, excursions and all other everyday needs are not provided for. Without donations, the Kinderschutzbund (child protection association) Rheingau could not continue this work.

Every donation helps and it is a chance, support for a Rheingau child! We are proud to support this project and to be part of this great and important initiative. We would like say thank you, Mrs. Strobl, the head of the Group Pupil Support, and all the helpers for their commitment.

Hessischer Rundfunk / ARD produces Tagesschau report

On 9 December 2019, a TV team from Hessischer Rundfunk was a guest at Wachendorff to shoot a short report for the "ARD - Tagesschau24" programme. Robert Wachendorff commented on the effects of the economic situation and the outlook for the German mechanical engineering industry.
The report was broadcast on 10 December at 12:14 p.m. and is available in the ARD media library until 17 December 2019.

SPS 2019 - Gift for the 27th trade fair participation

On behalf of the organizer Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH, Mrs. Luise Werner (Exhibition Manager) thanked Wachendorff for a total of 27 trade fair participations at the 30th SPS with a small gift.
Wachendorff is one of only 32 companies (now with more than 1,600 exhibitors) that have participated 25 times or more in the SPS trade fair in the last 30 years.
Dirk Rott, Head of Marketing at Wachendorff, happily welcomed the gift and announced the 28th participation in 2020.


Innovator of the Year 2017

Wachendorff Automation was selected by the business magazine brand eins Wissen and Statista, the online statistics portal, as “Innovator of the Year 2017”. Once again, Wachendorff can count itself as one of Germany’s top innovators.

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