Change made easy

Change = Chance

With just a few clicks (configurator) or a quick phone call, you can quickly replace a discontinued, hard-to-find encoder or a competitor’s unreliable encoder with a comparable model from the Wachendorff product range.
Our competent technical experts will help you find the appropriate part.

EnDra-QuattroMag technology

High-precision and highly dynamic

Wachendorff’s patented technologies, QuattroMag® for the single-turn range and EnDra® for the multi-turn range, deliver several million revolutions without overflow, with a maximum single-turn resolution of up to 16 bits and a measurement accuracy of +/- 0.09°, coupled with an excellent dynamic range of 50 µsec.

Thanks to their new high-precision and highly-dynamic technologies, these very robust absolute  encoders with magnetic scanning allow for use in areas where the only option before were absolute encoders using the optical principle.

Universal Industrial Ethernet Absolute Encoder

Protocol selection by click

  • Protocol selectable via web server
  • Solid shaft, end hollow shaft and smallest encoder in the world
  • All functions can be used even with the fastest cycle times
  • Optimizes storage costs

New Cable Systems SZG for rugged environments

Our Draw wire systems are robust and extremely compact. The compact dimensions allow the use in very narrow areas 

The SZG series systems precisely measure the position or change in position of objects.The quality-determining components of the Wachendorff draw wire systems are a precision measuring draw wire and an encoder adapted to the specific measuring task, which converts the change in position into a signal. 

The mechanics are optimally adapted to the incremental encoders of the WDGI58B series or absolute WDGA58B encoders from Wachendorff. The encoder is already mounted on delivery. The draw wire systems are quick and easy to install and, due to their reliability, are used in all areas of industry; very often in mobile hydraulics.