Top quality

By using an integrated management system, Wachendorff ensures reliable quality which is constantly monitored and improved so that the objective of not allowing any errors is achieved at all times. This is based on a comprehensive quality concept.

Our commitment to quality starts with the definition of the specification, is applied during all development stages, and is of particular importance for day-to-day series production and the third-party products required for this. Our commitment to quality  also covers the service we provide, during and after the sale of a Wachendorff product.

By delivering outstanding quality in all aspects of our service, we ensure our long-term success.

Wachendorff is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Vibration testing

One of the most important type tests is for vibration and shock. Using our modern shaker, we test each type of encoder for at least 300 hours for vibration values and 1000 times for the shock values in all axes. This results in rugged and long-lasting encoders. For each encoder, all the larger component parts as well as the cable connection to the PCB are potted.

Temperature testing

All the information provided in this catalogue is combined information. We test our encoders so that they continue to comply with all specifications throughout their working life. This implies a conscientious design and a careful selection of components and materials, followed by a comprehensive testing in our climatic chambers and other type-approval testing facilities. Our encoders are used in vehicles and aircraft. We also test compliance with MIL specifications.

Protection class testing

The increasingly sophisticated optics and electronics of our encoders are protected against rough environmental conditions by a sealed housing. Our intensive long-term testing ensures long and reliable use.