Spring-loaded arm for encoder WDGN 36A, WDGP 36A and WDGA 36A

for length determination

Federarm für Drehgeber Spring-loaded arm for encoder LMSMA31031
  • Variable installation from below, from above, horizontal, vertical
  • Adjustable prestresing force: 5 N  up to 20 N (in steps of 5 N)
  • Can be combined with all measuring wheels of 200 mm circumference
  • Available in two loading directions
Spring travel

contact pressure / spring travel:
  0 N = 28 mm
  5 N = 24 mm
10 N = 20.2 mm
15 N = 16.3 mm
20 N = 12.5 mm

232 g
Order number(s)
Load direction anti-clockwise
Load direction clockwise
All dimensional specifications in mm
WDGMA31031 Belastungsrichtung gegen Uhrzeigersinn Load direction counter clockwise

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