Slit coupling PK20

for encoder with shaft Ø 6 mm.

PK20 Kupplung Drehgeber
Max. operating speed
12000 rpm
Max. torque
30 Ncm
Max. offset of shafts radial
±0.3 mm
Max. offset of shafts axial
±0.2 mm
Max. offset of shafts angular
Torsion spring stiffness
12 Nm/rad
Radial spring stiffness
45 N/mm
Moment of inertia
2 gcm²
Max. clamping torque
70 Ncm
6 g

Polyamid fiberglass reinforced,
Hubs: brass

Order number(s)
Slit coupling: Ø d1 = 6mm, Ø d2 = 6 mm
All dimensional specifications in mm
Z PK20 coupling encoder

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