System - Circumferential belt measuring system Silent Move WDGMSUN

For heights up to 70 metres (230 ft)

Data sheet
  • Measuring set for easy installing the belt on existing brackets
    in the elevator shaft.
  • Quiet and non-slip digital shaft copying for universal mounting
    on a lift cabin
  • Use up to speeds of 4 m/s (800 ft/min).
  • Particularly quiet and smooth-running, thanks to
    special belts and low-noise suspension.
  • User-friendly, reliable alternative to switches and sensors.
  • Fast and flexible installation with complete set of mechanical parts.
Product details
Max. height
70 metres (230 ft)
up to 4 m/sec (787.4 ft/min)

Incremental encoder WDGI 58B:
up to 0.08 mm/pulse (0.0031496 inch/pulse) at 5000 pulses

Absolute encoder WDGA 58B multiturn with:
CANopen interface
4,096 steps/turn and 262,144 (18 bit multiturn) turns,

CANopen lift interface
4,096 steps/turn and 262,144 (18 bit multiturn) turns or

SSI interface:
4,096 (12 bit) steps/turn and 8,192 (13 bit multiturn) turns

Self-guiding special belt
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