Robust length measurement system LMSMA22 with measuring wheel KW (conical)

Compact system with new spring-loaded arm, including special encoder and 200 mm measuring wheel KW (conical)

Data sheet
LMSMA22 konisch - conical
  • Excellent measuring results, thanks to a resolution of 0.008 mm/pulse
  • Suitable for many surfaces
  • Absorbent mounting
  • Contact pressure – easily adaptable by intelligent central adjustment
  • Versatile mounting (e.g. mounting profile)
Product details

The LMSMA22 measuring system is a perfectly tuned, pre-assembled complete system. 


Resolution encoder with:   
200 PPR: 1 pulse/mm = 1.0 mm/pulse
2000 PPR: 10 pulses/mm = 0.1 mm/pulse
5000 PPR: 25 pulses/mm = 0.04 mm/pulse
25000 PPR: 125 pulses/mm = 0.008 mm/pulse

Power supply/current consumption:
4.75 VDC up to 5.5 VDC: max. 100 mA
10 VDC up to 30 VDC: max. 100 mA

Output circuit:

ABN + inverted signals

Suitable for encoder with sensor connector outlet SC8, 8 pin, IP67. 
Ready-made shielded connection cable with female cable connector, shield connected.
 straight, KI867 
 angular KIA867 

Spring-loaded arm

Adjustable prestressing force: 0 N up to 30 N in steps of 5 N

Axis length: 120 mm

Lock: Spring-loaded arm at 100 ° in output state (spring not loaded)

Contact Pressure: Adjustable, resolution in 10 ° steps (corresponds to 5 N)

Material: Die cast aluminum

Measuring wheels

Measuring wheels Ø = 200 mm

LMSMA22-xxxx-yy-KW with measuring wheel MRA200KW:
Surface finish: Synthetic (Hytrel, smooth)
Fields of application: Plastic, painted surfaces, paper, pasteboard, wood, metal, textiles.

Assembly instructions length measurement system LMSMA32
Assembly instructions length measurement system LMSMA22 conical

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