LMS58: not pre-assembled / individual components

Robust length measurement system
for lenght or speed LMS

with shaft encoder, pre-selection counter / tachometer
spring-loaded arm and measuring wheel

Data sheet
  • For speed and length measurement
  • Relay output card
  • Spring-loaded arm for any required installation and running direction,
    adjustable pre- tensioning force: 20, 25 and 30 N for optimum
    contact pressure and compensation for unevenness
  • Incremental encoder WDGI 58B with 2 m cable
    shaft Ø 10 mm
  • Measuring wheel suitable for various surfaces
  • Resolution 0,1 mm or 1 mm, other resolutions available
Product details

Put together your own measuring system:


Resolution 1 mm, measuring wheel, circumference 500 mm,
2 m cable

Resolution 0.1 mm, measuring wheel, circumference 500 mm,
2 m cable

Further information:
Encoder WDGI 58B

Spring-loaded arm

Spring-loaded arm
for length measurement on belts

Measuring wheels

Measuring wheels
circumference 500 mm,
bore 10 mm

Digital panel meters

Industrial counter PAXI
pre-selection counters / Speed display PAXCDS10:
Option: Relay output card with 2 converters, 5A/230 VAC for PAXI

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