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Motor feedback and motor feedback installation solutions

Motors in production machines, mobile work machines or shelf systems, in medical technology or in production robots require a feedback signal, from a  encoder, for example, to be able to get into position quickly and precisely.

The encoder can be mounted on the outside of the motor as a complete, closed assembly for larger motors.

Wachendorff’s magnetic technology now makes it possible to equip smaller step or servo motors with an absolute encoder system. WDGA absolute encoder electronics have a compact design, which makes this possible.

An absolute encoder kit, which then can be integrated into very compact motors, was developed from this idea.

The Wachendorff kit offers clear benefits over resolvers, magnetic sensors with buffer batteries and encoder kits with optical scanning and drives. The significantly higher robustness against vibrations and other environmental impacts, as well as faster assembly, are particularly noteworthy.

Top class motor feedback

... for high dynamic synchronous motors and drives

  • Highest precision for high dynamic motion control
  • Compact design: Ø 58 mm
  • BISS-C, SSI with 19 bit single- turn and up to 2,048 sin/cos
  • Incremental up to 25,000 PPR
  • Electronic ID label

Installation solutions

The Wachendorff kit offers clear advantages compared to resolvers, magnetic sensors with backup batteries and encoder kits with optical scans and gearboxes.
Due to the higher level of robustness against vibrations and other environmental stresses as well as the faster assembly, the company Wachendorff is expecting another step of creative destruction, which they already predicted ten years ago with the introduction of the EnDra® technology.

Wachendorff offers two different concepts for this purpose:
  • An operational absolute encoder
  • Installation kit