The long-term provision of support for social projects has a long tradition at Wachendorff dating back decades and forms a key focus for us as we would like to take an active role in shaping a “better society”.

As a family company with roots in Rheingau/Rhine-Main region, the majority of our involvement lies in local projects, which can be seen as a commitment to the region. Our managing directors maintain close personal contact with all of the projects, thus enabling us to see what happens to the money that we donate. With in-kind and monetary donations, as well as personal involvement, Wachendorff has primarily been involved in the fields of equal opportunities, integration, youth development, education and the fight against poverty. In addition, we continuously strive to support numerous non-profit organisations and initiatives with paid work assignments. This approach creates a wonderful win-win situation and should be adopted by many other companies! Examples of our involvement can be found below. These organisations will certainly be delighted to receive your support, too.

Lebenshilfe Wiesbaden

The ethical status of a society can also be seen in how it treats its disabled people, regardless of age.

Lebenshilfe Wiesbaden

Kinderschutzbund Rheingau

The lobby group for children - The project that we support is the "sozialpädagogische Gruppenschülerhilfe" ("socio-pedagogical student assistance group") at Geisenheim primary school. This is a specific assistance service which is directly oriented towards children in Geisenheim and does not cost anything for parents.

Kinderschutzbund Rheingau

Rheingauer Caritas Tische

A project to combat poverty and hardship

Rheingauer Caritas Tische

Bethanien Kinderdörfer

Boosting confidence through reliability and love.

Bethanien Kinderdörfer Eltville

Rheingau Werkstätten Rüdesheim

The workshops belonging to St. Vincenzstift Aulhausen are officially recognised workshops for people with disabilities. A wide range of services is offered to companies in the region.

Rheingau Werkstätten

Besser als nix! Better than nothing!

The festival of youth culture in the Rheingau. Art and music - presented by young artists from the region. Admission free - thanks to sponsors, supporters and volunteers.

Besser als nix!