Female connector / connector with ready made cable
for incremental encoders

- sensor-connector SK (M8 x 1)
- sensor-connector SB/SC (M12 x 1)
- connector SI/SH, S2/S3 (M16 x 0.75)
- connector S4/S5, S4R/S5R (M23)
- MIL-connector S6
- valve-connector S7
- frequency inverters

Female connector / connector with ready made cable
for absolute encoders WDGA

- encoder WDGA CANopen
- encoder WDGA SSI
- encoder WDGA RS485

Female connector with ready made cable

- sensor-connector (M12 x 1)

Torque supports

for Thru-Bore or Holllow Bore (blind) Encoder

Mounting accessories

- Mounting angles for shaft encoders
- Square flanges for shaft encoders
- Plastic dog for hollow shaft encoders
- Clamping claw for shaft encoders
- Mounting bell for incremental encoder WDGI 58A
  and absolute encoder WDGA 58A

Couplings for encoders shaft Ø 4 mm up to Ø 14 mm

- Jointed couplings
- Slit couplings
- Spring disc couplings
- Helical couplings
- Bellows couplings
- Double loop couplings

Adapter sleeves

for thru-bore and hollow bore (blind) encoder
bore size Ø 10 mm, Ø 12 mm, Ø 38 mm

Shaft adapters

for thru-bore and hollow bore (blind) encoder Ø 10 mm
or couplings Ø 10 mm, thread M8 up to M20.

Spring-loaded arm and linear equilization shaft encoder holder

for length determination

Measuring wheels for encoders with shaft Ø 6 mm or Ø 10 mm.

Measuring wheels for surfaces finish
Circumferences 200 mm or 500 mm

Electronic accessories for incremental encoders

Signal transformer

Displays and analysis equipment for absolute encoders WDGA

CANopen: display unit and analyzer
SSI: display unit