Industrial Robots

Precise Speed Measurement with the LMSMA2x/3x

 Download (475 KB)

Cranes and Work Platforms

Reliable control of swivelling and telescoping outriggers

 Download (462 KB)

Packaging machines

Position monitoring of cardboard boxes

 Download (480 KB)

Mobile cleaning machines

Fully-automatic hall cleaning

 Download (412 KB)

Elevator construction

Transmitting signals reliably over 220 m

 Download (395 KB)

The HALT-Test

 Download (460 KB)

Metal working

Accurate high-speed processing

 Download (356 KB)

Machine building

Wire drawing in perfection

 Download (521 KB)

Web-processing industry

Quality assurance in the ongoing process 

 Download (346 KB)

Automated guided vehicle

Precise movements

 Download (335 KB)

Test rig

Exact brake load simulation

 Download (316 KB)

Cranes and construction

The use of encoders in the construction of cranes

 Download (270 KB)

Drink Technology

Secure marking ensures traceability

 Download (437 KB)

Construction vehicles

Roadmarking with millimetre accuracy
with Wachendorff encoders

 Download (361 KB)

Quality control

Speed measurement during optoelectronic quality control

 Download (354 KB)


Aiming high with Silent Move

 Download (362 KB)

Quality testing

Draw-wire system for position feedback

 Download (346 KB)

Food Industry

Automated control of the cutting thanks to profile detection

 Download (404 KB)